Spanish-looking male twins (25-37)

We’d like some identical twin options.
Spanish look important, but they don’t need to be Spanish or speak it.
Two younger men, playing early-mid-30s, of Spanish appearance. Ideally Spanish speakers too, although there’s literally one word in accented English, so the visual read is most important.
Very diverse ideas please. All roles here require distinct, regional accents.
Talent can be travelled from outside the London area.
Anyone with current/recent commercial work for other gaming brands will be an issue.
Lastly (importantly) everyone needs to be (and look) 25+ for legal reasons. All written for people playing 30+

Casting details: Self-tapes initially
In-person, London recall, Tuesday 20th/Wednesday 21st September
Production dates: 29th & 30th September, 3rd & 4th October
Production location: London area

BSF – £350.00
Wardrobe/Recall – £50.00
Radio Session (if applicable) – £250.00
Buyout – £2,500.00

    Application Form:

    Skybet Gaming (Commercial)