Siblings and twins for commercial

3 Project Roles below…

Casting details: Apply NOW to be submitted then we’ll ask for self tapes to in by Wednesday!
Production dates: wk commencing 12th April
Production location: Within M25

REAL BROTHER & SISTER (Female, Male, 10–12 years)
brother (10-12) & sister (18-20) with a family resemblance – afro hair
The sister is an adult, PLEASE don’t suggest a boy that DOESN’T HAVE AN OLDER SISTER!!!
Brother £180 bfs, £2000 Buyout
Sister: £350bsf, Buyout: £6000

2 BROTHERS (Male, 6–10 years)
2 brothers – actual siblings or twin brothers. Key is family resemblance and an easy familiarity with each other
Contract info: £180bsf, Buyout: £2000 as above…

TEENAGE GIRL (Female, 13–14 years)
1 teenage girl with a strong style / dyed hair or make-up
Trans girls encouraged for this role.
Contract info: £180bsf, £2000 buyout