REAL FAMILY (2x Parents and 2 or 3x children)

Mum and Dad: In their 40s/50s
Sons and Daughters: Aged 9-18
This is a high octane, jovial, spirited, competitive burst from the family mid-game. Think of the full body exasperation from people in Gogglebox – but instead of the TV this is a board game.

Everyone must be able to improvise a good argument.

Hoping to cast a REAL ACTING FAMILY. Preferably with three children but open to suggestions.
Appearance: African-American, Black-African, Black-Caribbean, Black-Other Areas
Agreements: Kid: BSF: £190, £1,500 usage. Adult: BSF: £350, 5k usage
Casting: TOMORROW 30TH OCT London/self-tape
Recalls: 1st Nov, Wardrobe: 13th or 14th Nov, Shoot: w/c 18th Nov

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