REAL Brother & Sister (Any gender, 12–16 years)

Boy, 12-14yrs.
The teenage son is about to hit puberty mid-advert. His voice sounds like an FM radio being tuned.

His older Sister, 14-16yrs
The teenage daughter is the oldest of the children. Should be studying the Treaty of Versailles and Weimar republic but is studying Tik Tok dances and how to make mermaid braids instead.

We need to keep to these ages as best we can, but ultimately looking for 2 confident siblings (used to being on set) – ages above.

IF anyone is a little older/younger, but really special – please flag with us. We need 2 confident performers.

MUST be London or surrounds based for shoot.
Contract info: BSF £190 per child
Please note: IF featured in the final edit, then buyout will apply: £800 per featured child