Nintendo loving big sis and little bro

Jack (Male, 12–12 years)
Any race, 12yr old boy who loves playing Nintendo. Must be a really good actor as there is some script.

Should have an older sister or cousin who is 17\18yrs old

Must have London base or live close to M25 as no overnights.
Contract info:£200 bsf plus £3k buyout
Big Sister (Female, 17–18 years)
Any race, 17-18 yrs old. She should be a good actress who can cry and show a range of emotions. She loves playing Nintendo

Should have a younger brother/cousin who is around 12yrs old.

Must live close to London or have London base.
Contract info:£450 bsf plus buyout

Casting on zoom on Friday 17th September
Production dates: Shoot 31st Sept and 1st October
Production location: London