Families (3–98 years)

** We are looking for approx 11 “genuine real” families only **

Please apply below then reply to confirmation email with pics/ages/locations of all family members

We want to experience that relationship between the older and younger generation and that will be best expressed if the relationship is genuine. Some family members may have acting experience whilst others may not.

  • Grand children (or great grand children) can be aged between 0-20 years old.
  • Grandparents can be from youthful middle age up to 100.
  • Mum & dads can be anywhere in between. (* the mums & dads are more periphery and being booked as walk-ons with an option to upgrade to feature).

We may also film in peoples homes (with a small unit) and there would be an additional fee.

Ideally we would want the grandchildren/grandparents to live near each other if possible (but please suggest even if they live in different locations) Please let us know everyone’s location when submitting.

Upon request we will send a simple self-tape direction

We will be looking for a diverse range of genuine grandparents and grandchildren, interesting and unexpected individuals, charming, characterful, eccentric even, who have strong, loving relationships that feel joyful and unique.There should be a wide range of personality types for the kids from the calm, thoughtful, bashful and gentle to the wild, impetuous, confident and cheeky. Grandparents should be a mix of those with great energy and enthusiasm for life and others who are fragile or more delicate in nature, some the picture of health others less so. We should consider straight, gay and the disabled.

All ethnicities and regional accents so that the mix of families is a true representation of Britain today. They should come from an array of socio- economic backgrounds with family structures that differ in size, make-up and age.

We should include everyone from grandchildren who are new-born babies up to those in their 20’s. We want to find loving, characterful grandparents and grandchildren who have a close bond with one another.

Contract type: Commercials

Please apply below then reply to confirmation email with pics/ages/locations of all family members