Mixed sex twins, age 6

Playing age 6 years old


Poppy and Jack are Bi Racial with a white British father and a Black British mother (who will either be of Caribbean or African decent ) Please submit children who have a dual ethnic heritage.

Despite not having their mum around they are very happy, bright and fun loving kids

We are looking for really exciting kids who have confidence and bags of energy as these are really Imporant roles and plays a huge part of the three episodes

We would love to meet children who are in fact fraternal twins or siblings very close in age as well as individual child actors who we can match to play siblings

All suggestions must be available for our shooting period

ACCENT: London / Neutral

Casting details: A mixture of Workshops (after school hours and weekends)
self tapes and Real life auditions
Production dates: From 23rd May for 8 weeks (this might push by a 1 week at most)
Production location: In and around London