Mediterranean looking female #twins 30-34

Please Please Please – only apply if you are free for both the casting and the travel and shoot dates

I would rather wait till tomorrow morning than have suggestions who are not available – as the director wants to see photographs of suitable twins first and then we will have the casting on Tuesday afternoon.

Twins cooking playing one person on split screens

Production location: Greece, United Kingdom

Production dates: Travel – Shoot 7th – 9th May in Athens We will have an answer on 5th May

Casting location: London, pm on 2nd May venue TBC

FEMALE TWINS (Female, 30 – 34)

Description: We are looking for identical TWINS please

They are aged 30/34 years age

MUST look Mediterranean

They are charming, there is something very charming about them, they are attractive and we like them instantly.

They are probably teachers or architects – they are smart and urban and love cooking

I hope that this is very clear?

Appearance: Mediterranean

Pay category: Above Equity Minimum

Agreements: Total is Euros 2,500.00 each, including travel days, fitting, shoot day, agents fee and usage which is Greece TV and Internet for one year.

Contact if interested and available.