Male/female twins who are actors

Pilot for Six Part TV Series (Television)

Carrie (Female, 17 – 20): Carrie is Dai and Brenda’s daughter, one of twins, her brother being Michael. Carrie has not got a very close relationship with her parents, having been sent off to boarding school with her brother at a very young age she does however adore her brother and her Grandfather Gwyn who is Brenda’s father. Carrie and her brother are Emo’s which is reflected in their fashion image and musical tastes (much to the annoyance of their Mother). Carrie has inherited some of her Mothers traits and woe to anybody who gets on her bad side. Out of the twins she is the most confident and head strong, her aim is to get through school with the best possible grades to map out a successful career far away from ‘Prior town’ and ‘Evergreen Caravan Park’. She has no interest in the family business but enjoys reaping the financial benefits. She appears unaffected on the news of her Father’s death but I feel that deep down there are issues just waiting to bubble up. Carrie has a possessive and jealous nature, she is fiercely protective of her brother and Grandfather and will regularly interfere if she feels the need to, especially in issues of the heart! Carrie is a trouble maker if things don’t go her way and the changes that will occur after her father’s death will highlight this. Carrie is a pretty girl, with long dark hair and eccentric Goth fashion and make-up.

Michael (Male, 17 – 20): Michael is Dai and Brenda’s son and twin brother to Carrie. Michael also classes himself as an ‘Emo’ but really doesn’t know what his identity is having been controlled by his twin sister ‘Carrie’ all his life. Michael isn’t particularly close to his parents but loves his sister, even though he is intimidated by her and also loves his Grandfather Gwyn. A bit of a dark horse, Michael hides behind his computer most of the time and although he is particularly gifted in this area the rest of his subjects he finds difficult so struggles academically at boarding school resulting in him having low confidence and being a bit of an introvert. Due to the changes after his Father’s death i.e. having to leave boarding school and move back home I see him growing as a character as he is befriended by characters at ‘Evergreen caravan park’ and also spending more time with his Grandfather Gwyn will benefit his confidence and self-worth. Michael will be more willing to contribute to helping out at the caravan park, I see him getting involved in the kitchen/catering side and gaining new skills. Michael is of a stocky build with dark hair also following in his sisters footsteps of eccentric Goth fashion and make-up but doesn’t quite pull off the look as well as his sister.

Casting location: Cardiff/London

Production dates: Wales: w/c 11/12/17

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