Male twins 30s-40s

I’m looking for a set of male twins in their 40s to shoot a scene here with us on the 25th October. They are Italian-Americans in the script. Quite high class.

The brief for these roles is they are two Italian-Americans in their 40s, quite suave and put together.

The scene is that the two twins are sitting side by side on a video conference. They will be lit in silhouette so we will not see their faces, only a vague outline (though enough of one that we should be able to tell they are related). They will be moving like they are talking, but the dialogue will be read in by another crew member.

We are paying PACT/EQUITY SA rates on this production, and these will be featured roles so the additional payments will be added to that. Travel-wise we can pay the max travel payment on PACT Equity (which I believe is £20 each).

On Tuesday our shooting hours are 0900 – 1900, and though I can’t be precise yet I imagine i’ll be calling them for late morning. They certainly would not be with us til the end of the day too.

This will be a featured role as they will be the focus of the shot. We are shooting in Central Bristol on the 25th October.

Alex Rider 3 (Television)