Main girl and siblings (Female, 8–10 years)

  • Hair: long dark blond / ginger/red haired
  • Ethnicity: European

We are looking for SIBLINGS/TWINS/TRIPLETS – one will play the main girl and the other two will be be secondary roles. Pretty in a quirky way, our daughter is not a straightforward princess. She has real character and charm, likes to play in the mud as well as put one a pretty dress. We can see she is strong willed. She takes pride in her appearance but equally wants to get out and play. She is brave and strong willed.

  • Casting in studio 23rd and 24th June
  • Production dates: 20-22 July
  • Shoot in Serbia
  • 20 travel and wardrobe
  • 21 shoot
  • 22 travel back
  • Hero Child: BSF £200
  • Travel day £100
  • Chaperon £90 per day
  • Wardrobe £50
  • Callbacks £50
  • Covid Test £50 +£150 for the test cost
  • Quarantine 5 days on return £500
  • Buyout £2600