Interesting pairs of people

I am casting for a personal, long-term project that started in LA and will carry on in the UK. We will be shooting over the summer of 2023 and ongoing.

We are looking for interesting pairs of people to celebrate the connection of a strong relationship; couples, friends, colleagues, siblings, twins, family members etc. We are open to all ages, gender and backgrounds but we would like them to be close in age so there is no age-based hierarchy.

The shoot locations will be real, on the street, at home, in the places that relate to each of the cast. We will capture the cast in authentic scenarios doing what they love. We are happy to travel so they can be located anywhere in the UK.

We are looking for pairs who have a common passion, interest or hobby that we can capture with visual story telling.

Please find mood board attached with some examples of the work so far.


  • Date: August 2023, ongoing
  • Location: UK
  • Stylist: Self-styled
  • Rate: £100 per model (Please note the fee is small due to it being a personal project)
  • Usage: Creatives personal portfolios with a view to publish a zine.
  • Shots: Still only, 1 single guarantee per model & face recognisable shots.