Identical Triplets/Twins (25 – 35 years old)

Identical Triplets/Twins age: 25 – 35 years old

We are looking for identical triplets and twins for a new Supermarket campaign and we would love to see your applications/suggestions.

Please let us know if anyone is currently running in an ad or soap or has ever been in a campaign for a supermarket/convenience store.

Cast must be happy to take at least one Covid test prior to the shoot. 

Remote recall: 11th July. Night shoot on Monday 25th July into Tuesday 26th July  (approx 12am – 9am) 


  • 1 x Daily Basic Studio Fee (based on 10 hour work day @ night): @ €400 
  • Covid Testing Time for Shoot day @ €50 
  • Wardrobe @ €50

Total fees: €500 
Total Usage: €4,000 

    Application Form:

    Supermarket (Commercial)