Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star

Series 2 featuring TV Twins’ talent

In the professional assignment, the make-up artists (MUAs) are set a task by the judges, outside of the studio, to follow a brief for something. At the end the challenge, the judges choose one to three challenge winners who stay behind to help with more make up looks.

At the end of the professional assignment, the judges will choose a provisional bottom two going into the creative brief. The two people in the “red chairs” are given a 15 minute penalty going into the creative brief. In the creative brief, the MUAs are given a description of the look required. The MUAs are typically given preparation time prior to the challenge. If an MUA in a red chair is successful in the challenge, they have ‘Beat The Seat’. Therefore, an MUA who performed less successfully take their place in the Face Off.

In the face off, two MUAs take part in a challenge; the challenge content normally focuses on one section of the face, such as recreating an eye look or applying the “perfect lip”. The MUA who performs the worst is eliminated, and the other progresses onto the next episode.