(Please do not suggest anyone over the age of 13) PLEASE ONLY SUGGEST GENUINE TWINS (Identical and non-identical)

RB – Clever, quiet, and non-confrontational, RB appears shy – but actually she’s frustrated: prioritising her twin CB’s needs above her own, she ends up a pressure-cooker, desperate to break out from her sister’s smothering influence, but unable to upset the status quo by confronting her about it…

CB – Sporty, un-academic, loud but not as thick-skinned like she appears. She looks identical to her twin but, CB is in many ways RB’s opposite. Her identity is completely tied up in twin-ness. Deep inside, she’s afraid that she’ll be nobody if she’s alone so she sticks to RB like glue!

Playing age: 11–13 years

Production dates: MAY – SEPTEMBER 2022 (tbc). UK and CANADA (tbc)

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