Female Twins, 27-35 years old

Clara (Female, 27 – 35 years old)

  • CLARA – Tired complexion, jacket, jeans and sports shoes, hair up.
    Clara is a photographer specialising in modern architecture, who has felt disconnected from her work and the people around her. From a young age she’s been going into nature whenever she feels stuck, so she drives to a deserted lake and asks the spirits to show her how to feel again. But soon she realises that this time she will need to go deeper than ever before.
  • Needs to be comfortable with the outdoors. She will be sitting in the forest on the ground, with a couple of ants crawling on her.
  • Swimming would also be required – as she will be in the lake with wet clothes and potentially some underwear would be seen.
  • Dancing and generally being in the cold as this shoots late September mainly outdoors.
  • Driving licence required (not a deal breaker)
  • THIS ROLE DOES REQUIRE A TWIN SISTER (Minimal Dialogue for the Twin and open to those with no acting experience however good dancing skills advantageous)

Twin (Female, 27 – 35 years old) Clara’s Twin – Real Twins required

  • Looks identical to Clara, has scars all over her body, messy hair, dirty/washed out clothes.
  • She is Clara’s wild twin.
  • She is the darkness to her light and everything that Clara has been avoiding.Clara needs to embrace her in order to feel again.

Pay category: Equity Film School Agreement

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