Female siblings or twins

Description: 18-23years-old. We need to see everything that she is feeling through her facial reactions and body language. Our actress needs to be incredibly expressive as well as physical.

We are looking for twins as one will be the lead and one will be the clone (both get the same fees) or sisters or friends who look really alike.

Agreements: BSF – £500 12 hour shoot days.
Travel/Rest – £250
Buyout: £2000
Per Diem £50

2 Shooting days.
5 Travel days.
7 Pr diems

Production dates: 14.04 – Travel to London for mould and 3D scanning. 16.04 – Option Travel to London for mould and 3D scanning. 18.04 – Option Travel to London for mould and 3D scanning. 23.04 – Travel to Kiev 24.04 – Rehearsals and prepp, Kiev 25.04 – Rehearsals and prepp, Kiev 26.04 – SHOOT 12 hrs 27.04 – SHOOT 12 hrs 28.04 – Travel Home from Kiev

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