Excellent #actors needed for TV role #twins

Please only apply if capable and confident children for this live studio sitcom. They must have excellent concentration levels and be good at taking direction. Although the characters are played quite straight ideally the children will have a bit of comedy or cheeky sense of humour about them

London base ONLY

Midlands Accent is a MUST

Production dates: 18th Jan – 8th March 2017

Casting location: London, United Kingdom

TWINS (10-12)

Suggestions should be adorable, confident kids who take direction well and have good reactions with or without dialogue. This is filmed in front of a live studio audience so any suggestions must be good listeners and not easily distracted. The twins are kind, but typical children:

**MUST BE aged 11+ to play down to 10 years old**

(5/7 Episodes)

Email info@tvtwins.uk