3 x siblings: Girl 10-13, Boy 8-10 and a toddler

A YOUNG TODDLER – 1 and a half to 2 years of age please.
A toddler in the baby seat of a trolley shaking a pack of nappies and ASDA coins fly out, like a block in Mario. The toddler clearly having the time of its life.
Need cheeky, fun little munchkins here please. We are looking for everyday shoppers with expressive faces. Talent with freckles, gaps in teeth, adams apples, crooked noses – things that make them feel normal and real. Talent that is gangly and gawky or pudgy or fit. We just want to have a range and do want to see some interesting people.

We are casting 3 x siblings here; Girl 10-13, Boy 8-10 and a toddler. If you have any real sets of siblings that are of the right age please comment/email.
Contract info: Child talent fees
BSF: £180 per shoot day
Recall fee: £50 per child
Chaperone fee: £100 p/d
Fitting/Wardrobe: £50
Local licensing: £35 to be paid to agent
Buyout: 3 months £1.5k Or 12 months £3k

    Application Form:

    Asda (Commercial)