REAL families (kids 7-13)

We are looking for REAL families. Parents (can be mum and dad, mum and mum, dad and dad – whatever) Characterful and sympathetic faces; unusual and typically un-commercial. Real-feeling people who represent the full breadth of the country. Diverse in race, age, sexuality etc. This should feel like an (uncontrived) slice of everyday life. Lived-in faces with laughter lines…

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Female twins with long or short blonde hair, or mid-length red hair

We are looking for 3 sets of female twins to have potential cut & colour. Ideally 16–30 years. Girls that are comfortable been styled in front of audience/camera. (No still shots) Classic – long blonde Contemporary – mid-length – red Creative – shorter/jaw length – bleach blonde & Toner The event will be taking place in London. We would be…

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They are playing one role . We are looking for more suggestions of black/ mixed race / Indian & other diverse mixes . Our ladies is a working professional. As such the wardrobe is mature but sophisticated. With a sense of unique and distinct style. Nothing too distracting or flashy. Stylish, modern, clean, not trendy. Nice hands, simple manicure. …

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