2 BROTHERS/TWINS (6-10 years), 4 x BABIES (8-12 months)

2 Project Roles

2 BROTHERS (Male, 6–10 years)
Actual siblings – or twin brothers. Key is family resemblance and an easy familiarity with each other
they will have their chest / arms / faces covered with either stick on tattoos / painting / crayons / or even mum’s make-up (all in a safe way)

Contract info: £180bsf Buyout: £2000 as above…

Boy Must be prepared to actually have head shaved a bit… there will be hairdressers on hand, to neaten up afterwards, but obviously can’t put back what has been shaved!

4 x BABIES – 8 MONTHS – 12 MONTHS (Any gender, Any playing age)
Babies will be sitting on highchairs and mothers (off frame) can be the ones feeding them eventually – we’re looking for messy eating, ‘hating’ or ‘loving’ it, pureed faces, spitting, etc…

Contract info: £180bsf £2000 buyout

Casting: Will ask shortlist to self tape!
Production dates:14th – 17th April,
Fitting: 7th or 8th April
Production location: Within M25