Various roles (Commercial)

Large families (Any gender, Any playing age)

We are looking for real life large families inc. grandparents, uncles, aunts etc. Diverse.

Siblings/ cousins aged 1 – 8 (Any gender, Any playing age)

Looking for real life siblings and or cousins. Aged between 1 and 8

Toddler twins (Any gender, 4 years)

Aged 3 – 4. Looking for identical twins

Couple (Male, 20–30 years)

Looking for a mid 20s gay couple. Real partners.

Groups of friends (Any gender, 12–16 years)

Looking for real life groups of friends.

OLDER MALE/ WOMAN (Any gender, 65–70 years)

Diverse options here please. Male or female. Aged 65+. Really interesting faces.

Casting: First round via self tape Due from 17th August. Shoots w/c 1st October. Please state which role and list full names, relationship and ages in the groups.

EE (Commercial)