How do I audition on Zoom?

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Since Covid, many auditions are now carried out over Zoom – and I think they’re here to stay! So we have researched a couple of helpful articles to help you make the best impression out of this kind of meeting.

As well as reading the below links and watching the video…

  • Think about who will be in the room with you: ideally only the twins and one guardian. No other parents, siblings, and definitely no PETS!!!!
  • Choose a room you can close off from the rest of the house and don’t let anyone wander in and out;
  • Read the casting instructions carefully and be prepared;
  • Pay attention to the director and what’s being asked of you – parents: let your children respond;
  • Don’t fidget.

Instruction for Actor(s) auditioning

  1. Download ZOOM software applications for your desired device prior to the meeting.
  2. For your Computer ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ or for your Phone ‘Zoom Mobile Apps’
  3. You’ll be sent an invite email containing a link, which should take you straight into the waiting room for the meeting. Or you may need to use the meeting ID and password. (There is a “waiting room” function, so if you are not immediately let into the meeting it’ll be because there’s a slight delay, so please stay in waiting room and someone will then move you into the meeting when they are ready. It might be an idea to click to show the chat function, as if there is a delay,)
  4. When it is the time for your audition, please click on the link. It will open the ZOOM application, we think it should take you direct to meeting waiting room, but if it doesn’t you may need to enter the meeting ID and password when requested
  5. Once you join the meeting, please make sure that you ‘Start Video’ so the other participants can see you and that your audio is working so they can hear you clearly.
  6. Please note: All being well with the connection, the casting director will record your performance from ZOOM directly onto their computer as a record of your reading for exec producers not attending the meeting. This is purely used for casting purposes and then deleted.

Please read the following before setting up your Zoom call:
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