Twins or sisters (Female, 13–16 years) with/without mum?

  • Commercial casting details: Self-tapes due Tuesday 24th November but will be requested after application
  • Production dates: Thur 3rd – Kids Recall. Monday 7th – Apply Child Licences
  • Tuesday 8th & or Wednesday 9th – Adults Recall. Friday 18th & or Saturday 19th – Fitting
  • SHOOT WINDOW – WED 6th – WED 13th JANUARY (Plus additional stills day TBC)

2 X TEENAGE twins or sisters (Female, 13–16 years)

Two girls aged 13-16. Any ethnicity. We’d love to find real sisters here, where there is a connection already. They need to be fun, able to laugh at themselves. Please avoid any stage school kids. One of them is trying to do chin ups on a bar so they need to be comfortable with that.

BSF Β£180 Buyout Β£900

MUM (Walk On Role) (Female, 39–45 years)

Mum. Early 40s. Any Ethnicity. Playing the mother of the two girls/sisters, so would be great to find their real mum or aunt if possible. Mum would need to register to be submitted.

BSF Β£300 BUYOUT Β£1000

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