Twins 0-100yrs for project

A student requires twins of every age from 0-100 for a though the years photoshoot sequence for a funded project. Each model will be required briefly – either in person or via a specifically posed headshot (instructions will be provided) and paid if they appear in the final project.

Please follow instructions below and share with any twins whose ages we may not yet cover!

We need to ask you to upload a specific headshot to your profile.

Please follow these guidelines when taking the photo:

  1. Consider your surroundings: you need a clean and clear, plain background, e.g. a brickwall outside, or a plain (e.g. white washed) wall in your house (with no wall hangings).
  2. Consider the lighting: don’t take it with the sun or a light shining behind you, and ensure you’re appropriately lit.
  3. Prepare yourselves: take time to present yourself as if going to a job interview where you have to be smartly presented. No hats, sunglasses, emojis, quirky angles, etc.!
  4. Set up your camera/phone so it frames your head and shoulders only. Do not take from above or below, or lopsided – straight-on and level please!
    E.g. stand back to back and face the camera, or one twin stand just behind the other facing the camera.

The photo file needs to be greater than 1000 pixels square.

Once you are happy with your shot, login to edit your profile and upload it as your main headshot picture, then identify who is who in the photo in order of appearance. (You can re-add your previous headshot underneath.)

Photos must be taken in or after June this year.

The project team will be monitoring this page regularly, providing us with the names they want to shortlist, who will be added here. If you’re wondering why you’re not listed, contact us for advice on your current headshot.

Fees: if the twins appear in person to be photographed they will be paid £100 each; if they are asked to submit a photo which is used in the final project, they will receive £50