Siblings x3 (Any gender, 5–9 years)

Siblings (Any gender, 5–9 years)
VERY IMPORTANTLY – Please suggest real siblings x3 at this point

Please read and suggest very carefully… We’re looking for real siblings, between 5-9. At a stretch we could go to 4, avoid going older though. Very (very) diverse ideas please.

Any combination of male/female. The could be the same age and you can include twins.

London/Southern area ideas please.

As you’ll see, there’s a generous amount of time to license. This shouldn’t be a limitation.


There’s a third role, written for a friend or neighbour. The brief is as above. This could work for a third sibling, a relative or friend/neighbour. It will require all three kids taping together. This is an option, not a requirement, if it applies, suggest with notes.

  • Contract info: BSF – £190.00
    Wardrobe/Recall – £50.00
    Buyout – £900.00 (1 year, UK)
  • Casting from self-tapes
    Recall – 11th May
    Production dates: Recall – 11th May
    Wardrobe – 25th May
  • Shoot – 7th/8th/9th June (likely 2 days)
    Production location: London area

    Application Form: