Real Family of 4

Slight change to the baby’s age, we would love them to be max 24 months.

Looking for a real family of 4 for this advert, they do not need any acting experience and will just be required to hang out and have laugh together! We’d like them all to have a sense of fun, it is Christmas after all and be able to deliver a natural, fun and energetic performance.

The family needs to consist of a Mum, Dad, Child and Baby. The child and baby’s age are not set but roughly we are looking for;
Baby – around 0-3 months
Child – around 5-6 years
**the family must be London or close enough to travel to London on the shoot day, or have a London base – unfortunately no budget for accommodation**

Casting through self tapes.
Production dates: 11th October Shoot
Production location: London

Contract type: Commercials Contract info: Total Buyout: £4,000, for a 1 month buyout. Split up into;
BSF: £350 each
BUYOUT: £1,500 each
BSF: £190 each
BUYOUT: £500 each

Asda (Commercial)