Real 3-generation family

We are casting two REAL FAMILIES for holiday park commercial!

FAMILY 1: Granddad and grandma buy a lodge for a getaway anytime they like for the pair of them and also to share with their family. They are reasonably comfortable in life. Maybe he used to own a small but successful business like a small plumbing company or a garden centre.

  • Granddad and grandma in late fifties early 60s
  • Daughter or son and their spouse early to mid thirties
  • 2 children (could be twins) between 7 and 9
  • Dog (not essential but worth knowing!)

3 day shoot, two days travel. Fees £3000 PLUS one week holiday at one of the company’s holiday parks. Travel mileage will also be paid.

Casting from Self-tapes – you’ll be sent instructions if chosen to audition
SHOOTING: Week 19th Sep

Please list all family members to participate (including dog if applicable!) and follow this up with photos, etc.

    Application Form:

    Hoburne Park (Commercial)