#Newcastle based family – see brief

Could match one or some of the roles below. Please let us know which…

Real Brothers – North East Based (Male, 4 – 9 years old)
We’re looking for pairs of real brothers. One younger – 4/5 years old and one older – 8-10 years old. Or Twins.

We’re keen to see little kids who are perhaps a little rough around the edges. Who have lots of character, heart and charm. Little scamps who mess about, get muddy knees and occasionally get in a bit of trouble.

These are big roles, two brothers dealing with the arrival of a new baby in the family. So we need kids who have plenty about them and lots of confidence.

For now we want to keep it to real brothers so that we get that quick read on their strong bond.
The Teenager – North East Based (Male or female, 16 – 17 years old)
Our teen here is seen crying on the bus. She’s upset. Perhaps she’s fallen out with her school friends, something has happened at school – we never find out.

We need someone who do this emotional heavy lifting for us. We’re looking for both girls and boys for this role – but definitely 16-17. No older or younger.

Everyday kids, maybe a little rough around the edges.
The Parents – North East Based (Male or female, 30 – 40 years old)
For these parents we’re looking for everyday, working class people. Warm, likeable, relatable.

They’ve got two lads and have a new baby, so we see them at this lovely moment in their life – as they bring the baby home.
The Grandparents – North East Based (Male or female, 60 – 65 years old)

Our grandparents are about 60. They’re warm, likeable, working class people.

They’re there to help their daughter and husband who are bringing home their new baby.
The Child – North East Based (Male or female, 6 – 8 years old)
We’re looking for kids with real looks. A little rough around the edges. Believable, everyday kids from working class families.

We’re keen to see some real child/mum combinations here – so please flag kids who could be seen with their mums.
The Mum – North East Based (Female, 30 – 40 years old)
This is the mum to The Child role. we’re keen to see some real mum/child combinations, so please flag people who could come with their own, real kid.

Our mum, has a working class, everyday feel. She juggles her job and her family. Warm, likeable and empathetic.

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Casting: Friday 17th January
Wardrobe: 26th Feb – 28th Feb
Shoot: 2nd March – 5th March

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