I am looking for identical twin girls who can act! They must speak English and will be taught a bit of Sweidsh!

A new series for a major streaming service. IDENTICAL CAUCASIAN TWIN GIRLS.

ALICE (Female, 8–11 years)
We are looking identical twin girls (8-11 years old by the time filming starts in May) to share the portrayal of the leading role of Alice in an exciting new drama for a major streaming service. Filming in Germany from May – December 2022.

Alice is scripted as being WHITE European heritage and 9yrs old. She is bright, sweet and inquisitive, with emotional intelligence way beyond her years. Portraying this role requires real focus, expressiveness, and huge emotional range. This is a large acting role.

Ideally the identical twins would be bilingual and able to speak English and some SWEDISH. However, if you represent super bright twins who tick all the boxes bar Swedish language, there is a possibility we may be able to teach them some Swedish, so please do suggest them.

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