Female Twins (18-26)

Description: These two girls could be twins, could be kind of manly or at least not typical girls. They know what they want and they are not afraid to say it or show it. Maybe they are wearing jeans and some hunting jacket etc. Long wildly colored hair, like blue or pink. The other can wear a cap or beanie….

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Male white twins 18-25

We are looking for Twins to play Young Soldiers Age group: 18-25Sizes: 5’8-5’11Chest/Waist: Nothing huge – These are period costumes Fitting Date: 05/02 at LongcrossOn this day we will also do a test with our extras in a trench.Pay Rate: FAA Possible Test Day: 05/03Pay Rate: FAA Shoot Day: 07/03Pay Rate: £250 for the shooting day (Be it a…

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