How to Self Tape

We often ask actors to submit a self-tape and have complied the following tips and tricks to ensure you submit a decent one. Rarely these will replace an actual audition but may help a Casting Director decide to meet with you and keep you in the running. …self-taping can also help you prepare for a face-to-face audition – there’s no better…

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Tape an Intro Video

Good practice for self-taping is to record a very short introductory video of yourselves. Please do this as twins rather than separately. Other siblings can join in, but the main focus should be on the twins! Use the tips set out at HOW TO SELF TAPE then… Prepare yourself – imagine you’re going to a real casting, photoshoot or a night out!…

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Record a Voice Sample

This is an idea to help you and us! We’d like you to record a short voice sample of you speaking naturally, which we may use for a random outgoing voicemail message here at TV Twins! It’s also a bit of fun as you can submit as many files as you like using different accents you feel you’re capable of doing well! If…

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