Why can’t I submit the Application Form

No field can be left blank. The compulsory fields are First Names of Twins, Email Address, TV Twins Username and Further Information. You cannot submit the form if any of these are left blank, but you should be given an error message telling you what you have missed. Optional fields include adding extra photos that we don’t already have…

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Can you guarantee me work?

Unfortunately no agency can guarantee you work. We represent those we feel we can successfully submit for work, but there is no guarantee. We also expect you to respond quickly to our messages and inform us of any changes to your situation. Most castings/shoots are in London, with lots in Manchester and Glasgow. Whilst Casting Directors expect you to…

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How do I apply for jobs?

If already registered you will receive some* job posts by email as they’re published. Click on the link to read full brief and complete the application form. If not already registered – why not!!! You can subscribe to our emailing list and also receive some notices, BUT we will not be able to submit you until you are fully…

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