Hand Trickster / Sleight of Hand artist

Description: Male or female aged 25-40 ish. Unrecognisable. We are focusing on their hands and if we do see a face, it will be totally out of focus. 
The creator is someone that has juggling and sleight of hand skills – Our person needs to be able to roll coins across their knuckles forward and backward, spin a spoon through their fingers as well as gravity ball tricks.
They must be able to do sleight of hand tricks. below are examples of what skill we require. 
The hands should feel smooth, natural and they need effortless dexterity and coordination. The viewer should feel these are skills that have developed through constant and expert practice. The hands and the gestures played for themselves and not for the camera.

coin roll…

spin a spoon…

gravity tricks…

Agreements: £650 a day – no buyout as unrecognisable. 
Up to a 4 day shoot (2x print and x2 TV) worldwide 2 years all media

    Application Form: