Female twins 7-9 years old for feature film

Feature Film Casting

Production details

Pay category: Above Equity Minimum

Production location: Northern Europe, United Kingdom

Production dates: January – end of April 2018. These dates are subject to change. Regrettably, we can only consider clients with blanket availability across this period.


YOUNG C (CHILD) (Female, 7 – 9)

Description: 8 years old, with snow-white skin and blonde hair, she is L’s twin sister. A child with strikingly beautiful features, more feminine than her sister, but also more vulnerable and weak. She is left behind when L runs away from home.

YOUNG L (CHILD) (Female, 7 – 9)

Description: 8 years old, brunette with blue eyes, she is tomboyish and tough. Raised alongside her twin sister C, she is aware that her father is up to no good, and takes dangerous steps to escape his authority, leaving her twin sister behind.

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