When asked to tape a separate slate (or ident) along with your audition self-tape, the Casting Director generally wants a very short video shot in landscape mode, consisting of:

  1. a full length shot of twins facing front, then to the side (for a profile) – count to at least 3 before turning!
  2. followed by close-up head and shoulders shot of twins, each stating:
    • their full name and agent (TV Twins)
    • age and current height
    • where you’re from and/or live
    • type of twins you are (if applicable)
    • a 3-second close up of your hands (front and back)

My name is “Full Name”

My agent is TV Twins

I’m 12 years old and 5ft 6

I’m from Newcastle and live in London

This is my identical twin, “First Name”…

Camera/phone should NOT be hand held. Please rest it on a steady surface and film in landscape mode