This is an idea to help you and us!

We’d like you to record a short voice sample of you speaking naturally, which we may use for a random outgoing voicemail message here at TV Twins!

It’s also a bit of fun as you can submit as many files as you like using different accents you feel you’re capable of doing well!

If you choose to take part, simply use your mobile phone to record a short MP3. Read from the wording below and record as many as you like in as many accents as you feel you’re able (but keep one recording per file) and name/label accordingly:

Save and name the file as:

  1. your_name
  2. accent type (leave blank if normal)

E.g. Joe_Bloggs-scouse.mp3

Send the file directly to us via Dropbox

Please record the following out of hours script:

Hi, this is [your_first_name] from TV Twins. Unfortunately we’re all busy at the moment, but you can leave a message and we’ll get back to you. Alternatively, leave your email address (or send an email to and we’ll email you straight away.