We currently have 12 parents/guardians who are also Licenced Chaperones. Contact us for more details, or read FAQ about becoming a chaperone.

Total: 12
First name(s) William & Mateo
Chaperone Gabriella Richardson Ruddick Licensed chaperone North Tyneside Metropolitan Borough
First name(s) Luyanda & Ayanda
Chaperone Glenrose Hutchings Licensed chaperone Warwickshire County
First name(s) Carole
Chaperone Licensed chaperone Salford City
First name(s) Nevada & Neve
Chaperone Kayleigh Waring Licensed chaperone Rochdale Metropolitan Borough
First name(s) Ella & Myah
Chaperone Chloe Licensed chaperone Rugby Borough
First name(s) Amiah-Rose & Eden-Rose
Chaperone Amelia Fawzi Licensed chaperone Nottinghamshire County
First name(s) Brandon & Kristian
Chaperone Sinead Lutchmayah Licensed chaperone Birmingham City
First name(s) Akiel & Jahmiel
Chaperone Georgina Hammond Licensed chaperone London Borough of Haringey
First name(s) Ashley & Luke
Chaperone Laura Campbell Licensed chaperone Blackpool Borough
First name(s) Holly & Heather
Chaperone Carole Duck Licensed chaperone Worcestershire County
First name(s) Sam & Alex
Chaperone Sarah Wilson Licensed chaperone Derby City
First name(s) Heidi & Arthur
Chaperone Natasha Barber Licensed chaperone London Borough of Islington