Identical twins aged 40-65 yrs

URGENT YOU magazine seeks female identical twins aged 40-65 yrs for a feature all about adult identical twins – what it is like to be a twin, how close they are, the kind of reactions they encounter, any twin myths that are true (telepathy/ same dreams etc). Please send your details to

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Mixed sex #twins aged 9-12 #Scotland

BOY & GIRL (9 – 12) This is for a commercial casting in Edinburgh. The girl is an eccentric… she’s not your old-school Disney princess — more of a Merida than a Cinderella. Think Little Miss Sunshine, or the girl from the “Tiny Dancer” spot here: https:// Both 10 and over but not too mature or tween, it’s…

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Twin Guys and Girls into make-up

Twin Guys and Girls into make-up Looking for women / guys who are into makeup. With strong interesting looks as well as attitude & personality that stands out. Unique features are a bonus – freckles, teeth gap, different coloured eyes. We are after diverse and unique beauty! Ideally identical. Cool looks & personality that stands out. No one shy & quiet – the…

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