Our unique Agency Code is: ef65a0d

Casting Networks (CN) is an online tool used by Casting Directors to find appropriate actors/models via the briefs they post to its members.

It’s a valuable career tool for the established actors or beginners, and allows you to be searchable by Casting Directors, 24 hours a day. Accounts include: Emailed Project Notices; The ability to send your profile via email to anyone online; A profile in the database searched by Casting Directors; Access to sides for all projects.

If your headshots are good enough, we may add you to our roster at Casting Networks where we submit you for castings without contacting you first. You’ll only hear about this if the Casting Director invites you to audition. You must look out for, read and reply to these emails to confirm, rearrange or reject the casting! Failure to reply may result is removal from TV Twins.

Note: We’re not currently adding children to Castings Networks, and only adding adults with appropriate headshots. Once added you will be notified by us! See what-are-the-required-headshots.

We submit our talent automatically when they fit the brief – so you may not hear until you are invited to audition.

We’ll add you to our Casting Networks roster if your headshots are professional enough – we’ll inform you if they’re not as we won’t be able to complete your Casting Networks’ profiles without appropriate headshots.


Casting Networks are particular about the headshots they accept and allow our twins to have two free headshots rather than one:

  • they must be professional (or very good)
  • be a good likeness of your natural selves
  • head and shoulders of you together and one each of you separately
  • no smaller than 700-pixels tall or wide

Please email headshot options to or upload via Dropbox, as we may be able to edit pics to fit the above requirements and get them uploaded faster! If you’re unsure exactly what we need, please reply so we can help; we don’t want you missing opportunities.


You don’t need to worry about the code as we will create a new profile for each sibling with an individual headshot, which will be linked to any existing profile.

CN will allow us to add a complementary joint photo of siblings together, alongside your existing individual main headshot.

Your login will be the same but we can send a reminder should you require.

Our unique Agency Code is: ef65a0d