Auditions over Zoom

Since Covid, many auditions are now carried out over Zoom – and I think they’re here to stay! So we have researched a couple of helpful articles to help you make the best impression out of this kind of meeting.

As well as reading the below links and watching the video…

  • Think about who will be in the room with you: ideally only the twins and one guardian. No other parents, siblings, and definitely no PETS!!!!
  • Choose a room you can close off from the rest of the house and don’t let anyone wander in and out;
  • Read the casting instructions carefully and be prepared;
  • Pay attention to the director and what’s being asked of you – parents: let your children respond;
  • Don’t fidget.

Please read the following before setting up your Zoom call:

How to do a Zoom Audition: Set up and preparation